OstLicht Gallery presents the first comprehensive solo exhibition of the upcoming artist, whose work firmly positions itself at the interfaces of fashion, portrait and documentary photography.

A room coloured in an intense blue, windows with a view on the sky and the sea, and in the center a dance pole with a man swinging on it – it’s Maurice Ernst from Bilderbuch. Under the direction of Elizaveta Porodina the four members of the Austrian cult band are dancing in a set of mirrors, smartphones, a vacuum cleaner, golden cups and a cat – inviting viewers to their »Bungalow« (2017). The popular music video is not the only result of the collaboration between the 30-year-old photographer and the internationally acclaimed Viennese band. Image campaigns, portrait shoots and most recently the hit video for »Baba« (2017) also originated from the liaison with Porodina.

In addition to her photographic work for Vogue, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton & Co, Porodina has inspired people beyond the fashion world with her personal projects and her atmospheric, iconic portraits. Thanks to the cinematographic character of Porodina’s sets, and comparable to Helmut Newton, who alongside Irving Penn and Gordon Parks has been a key inspiration for her work, her photographs are always pointing to a larger story behind the single image. Through carefully arranged settings and artistic lighting, Porodina constructs narratives that lead you into colourful fantasy scenarios or dramatic black & white stories.


The photographs are available as pigment prints on baryta paper in two formats (60 x 40 cm & 80 x 60 cm) in a limited edition of 8, mounted on aluminium, signed & numbered by the photographer on the back.

80 x 60 cm             € 1.500 / 1.650 with wooden frame

61 x 43,5 cm        € 700 / 800 with wooden frame

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