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OstLicht starts spring 2019 with a new concept. »OstLicht RELOADED« showcases highlights of the extensive repertoire of the gallery and also puts a focus on contemporary photography with the new platform »OstLicht YOUNG EDITIONS«: Especially aimed at young collectors, the series offers limited editions of up-and-coming artists with Piero Percoco, Silin Liu and Paweł Jaszczuk kicking it off. 

Colourful furniture pieces of the 20thcentury from LILO'S, a branch of Lichterloh, invite all visitors to lounge in the gallery and browse through the new vintage bookshop: Vintage furniture meets vintage books. The pieces made by Austrian designers are not only part of the new OstLicht interior but are also for sale.


Under the name »OstLicht YOUNG EDITIONS« the gallery introduces a new platform for young photography, starting off with Piero Percoco, Silin Liu and Paweł Jaszczuk. The Italian autodidact and Instagram shooting star Piero Percoco creates his works right outside his doorstep. Percoco offers a unique perspective on his homeland, the south of Italy. With humour and irony he captures everyday life in the village, grandmother's culinary skills and sunbathing people on the beach of Bari. In »I'm Everywhere« Silin Liu from Beijing assumes the identity of her alter ego Céline Liu and travels with her through space and time. Posing with Andy Warhol, Lady Di or John F. Kennedy she inscribes herself into the history of the 20th century. The Polish photographer Paweł Jaszczuk embarks on a search for representations of Christ in pop culture in his series »¥€$U$«. It shows a world between spirituality and commerce made of Holy Mary underwear, neon figures of saints and Jesus swim rings. The exhibition is part of FOTO WIEN festival. 

The exhibition presents a broad spectrum of the history of the photographic medium: from vintage masterpieces, classics of photojournalism to iconic Fine Art photography all the way to Viennese Actionism. On offer, for example, is a Rudolf Schwarzkogler portfolio with ten colour prints of his first action, »Hochzeit« (Wedding), as well as a portfolio with Günter Brus’s action »Transfusion«, photographed by Ludwig Hoffenreich. Cora Pongracz, whose estate OstLicht was able to secure, documented actions by Otto Muehl, portrayed VALIE EXPORT and Arnulf Rainer and captured Marta Jungwirth dancing. Her pictures are offered as high-quality edition prints. With Henri Cartier-Bresson, Erich Lessing, Bruce Davidson and Elliott Erwitt we encounter four of Magnum’s finest in the third exhibition room, each with their own inimitable view of the poetry of everyday life. We set out on the trail of glamour with Roland Pleterski's elegant fashion shots and cityscapes of New York. Nobuyoshi Araki’s studies of women’s bodies made him famous worldwide. »OstLicht RELOADED« features a selection of his deeply poetic yet also often provocative pictures.  

Artists: Nobuyoshi Araki, Bruno Barbey, Werner Bischof, Günter Brus, René Burri, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Franziska Cibulka, Bruce Davidson, Takeuchi Toshinobu, Michael Epp, Elliott ErwittVALIE EXPORT, Trude Fleischmann, Horst Friedrichs, Mario Giacomelli, Adelheid Gindler, Burt Glinn, Milton H. Greene, Ernst Haas, Ludwig Hoffenreich, Michael Horowitz, Franz Hubmann, George Hurrell, Tom Jacobi, Paweł Jaszczuk, Walter Kindler, Paul Kranzler, Erich Lessing, Silin Liu, Michail Michailov, Inge Morath, Stefanie MoshammerJimmy Nelson, Hermann Nitsch, Martin Parr, Irving Penn, Piero PercocoPlaton, Roland Pleterski, Cora PongraczElizaveta Porodina, Man Ray, Marc Riboud, Alfons SchillingJulian Schnabel, Rudolf Schwarzkogler, Tazio Secchiaroli, Christian Skrein, Dennis Stock, Wim Wenders, Manfred Willmann.


All photographs are available for sale.  

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