Flanking every show, the library of the OstLicht Gallery presents an independent exhibition of photobooks.

Conceived as an active space for encounters and exchange, the library wishes to offer the interested public the opportunity to actively approach specific subjects; changing regularly, its rotating exhibitions of photobooks allow the visitor to experience the subject not just visually, but also haptically. Mostly the subjects complement the gallery’s shows, but sometimes they present their own, specially chosen focus – for example Paris in Photobooks or Allan Porter’s CAMERA. The library’s exhibition wall inspires visitors to flip through the photobooks and publications on display, experiencing their content. The pleasant ambiance, offering a generous working space and numerous opportunities to sit, invites visitors to linger.

The photobook exhibitions consciously enhance the status of the photobook, emphasising its value as an independent artistic medium. As such, photobooks are integrated increasingly into the context of the exhibition through their emphatic presentation as an independent form of art, while maintaining their character as an active “medium for use”.

Positioning itself as an active, future-oriented specialised library is one of the main goals of the OstLicht Gallery’s library. Apart from photobook exhibitions, it complements the gallery’s programme by presenting lectures by international photobook experts and hosting book presentations, all the way to the ViennaPhotoBookFestival.

Its photobook exhibitions are curated by the photobook curator Michael Kollmann and the OstLicht Gallery’s team of curators, sometimes in cooperation with the artists of the current exhibitions.

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