We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Ren Hang. Our thoughts are with his friends and family. It is an irretrievable loss for all who knew him, as it is for the art world which loses one of its brightest and uncompromising talents.

OstLicht has been honoured to house his first European retrospective in 2015, which is still remembered as one of the key exhibitions in the young history of our Gallery. To work with Ren Hang has been a constant source of inspiration. He will be deeply missed.

We thank you for your understanding that until further notice prints will not be available for purchase.


Provocative and direct. At the same time, aesthetic, humorous and poetic. The photographs of the Chinese artist Ren Hang (19872017) fascinate because of their radical imagery. OstLicht. Galerie für Fotografie
presented the most comprehensive exhibition of the young shooting star in Europe to date. His sudden death is an irretrievable loss for all who knew him, as it is for the art world which loses one of its brightest and uncompromising talents.

Ren Hang’s analogue photographs are about human emotions, relationships and friendships, and also fear and loneliness. Young women and men – mostly friends of the artist – pose naked in vulnerable, occasionally explicit
poses. With their gaze often directed straight at the camera, the models always assume an active role.
In the portraits, taken in front of monochromatic backdrops, on the roof of high-rise buildings or in natural landscapes, animals such as snakes, birds or cats and flowers appear as props. In twisted poses and unusual arrangements,
bodies are an abstract element to Ren Hang. The naked human body becomes a malleable sculpture and is thus desexualised. Still, the artist’s photographs are always suffused with a subtle humour.
Living and working in Beijing, Ren Hang was influenced by Chinese culture and his immediate environment. His images also constitute a portrait of his own generation and of China’s urban youth culture, longing for individual freedom and spiritual liberty. They reflect a spontaneous lifestyle which seeks out liberty.

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We thank you for your understanding that until further notice prints will not be available for purchase. If you have any questions please refer to Corina Lueger

Ren Hang
was born in Chang Chung in the Province of Jilin, China, in 1987. He worked as a photographer and poet. In 2010 he received the Third Annual Terna Prize for Contemporary Art. Ren Hang’s artistic work has been exhibited widely in China and Europe. He has published numerous photo books, most of which are already out of print. He lives and works in Beijing, China. Ren Hang died at the age of 29 in February 2017 in Beijing.

Solo exhibitions (selection)
2017 NAKED / NUDE, Foam Photography Museum, Amsterdam, Niederlande

2017 HUMAN LOVE, Fotografiska museum, Stockholm, Sweden

2016 WHAT WE DO IS SECRET, MAMA Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

2015 野生, OstLicht Gallery, Vienna, Austria

2015 MY MUM, Blindspot Gallery, Hong Kong, China

2014 HIDE, Soy Sauce Factory, Bangkok, Thailand

2014 REN HANG, Nicolas Hugo Gallery, Paris, France

2014 ANGATOMY OF THE IMAGE 104, Galerie 104 Kléber, Paris, France

2014 PHYSICAL BORDERLINE, Three shadows +3 Gallery, Beijing, China

2014 IN ADDITION TO SLEEP, Copenhagen Photo Festival, Kopenhagen, Dänemark & Vasli Souza   
Gallery, Malmö, Sweden
2014 LA CHINE A NUE, NUE Galerie, Paris, France

2013 PULSE, Galerie Jane Zhang, Frankfurt, Deutschland

2011 STILLBIRTH, Yugong Yishan Live House, Beijing, China

2011 ALLERGY, Kubrick, Beijing, China

2010 INTERCOURSE WITH BEIJING, Yugong Yishan Live House, Beijing, China

2010 EAT NAKED LUNCH!, YuYinTang Live House, Shanghai, China

Publications (selection)
2016 REN HANG, Taschen, Germany
2016 ATHENS LOVE, Session press, USA
2015 Seafood Party, Self-Published, China
2015 Shanghai Visitors, Self-Published, China
2015 NEW LOVE 新欢, Session press, USA
2015 野生, Posterfotobuch, dienacht, Germany
2014 THE BRIGHTEST LIGHT RUNS TOO FAST, Editions Bessard, France
2014 PHYSICAL BORDERLINE, ThreeShadows +3 Gallery, China
2013 SON AND BITCH, Neurasthenia, Taiwan
2013 REPUBLIC, Éditions du LIC, Norway
2013 MY DEPRESSION, self published, China
2012 NUDE, self published, China
2011 ROOM, self published, China
2011 REN HANG 2009-2011, self published, China



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