The life of a rock star is lived in public. Celebrated, admired, but also observed, crowded and pursued by fans and photographers, groupies, autograph hunters, gossip columnists and reporters – all armed with smartphones, TV and digital cameras, microphones. And flashes.

Lenny has turned the tables – and the camera – and trained his Leica on the caravan of reporters and fans which accompanies him wherever he goes. He has turned the surreal situation of being the focus of attention, constantly faced with a living wall of camera lenses, into a series of photographs. In laconic black and white images, Kravitz captures the repetitive ritual that takes place around him on an almost daily basis.

»It's interesting that the very people who chase me to take my photographs have become the subjects of my first photo exhibition. Through turning the lens back on them, I have indirectly taken a deeper look at myself and the surreal world that I live in when on the road. What once was intrusive has now become a beautiful moment of a dance between the hunter and it's prey«.

The photographs are Fine Art prints on baryta paper available as limited edition in two formats: 100 x 150 cm (Edition 3) and 40 x 60 cm (Edition 15), on the reverse signed by Lenny Kravitz and numbered.

40 x 60 cm / Edition 15 € 1.500 / € 1.600 with wooden frame

100 x 150 cm / Edition 3 € 3.500 / € 3.900 with wooden frame

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