OstLicht presents a unique opportunity to acquire works from Franz Hubmann’s series »Waldviertel«. Franz Hubmann, the doyen of Austrian photo journalism documented people, landscapes and culture for decades. One of the constants in his oeuvre is his close interest in Waldviertel. With a keen eye and a great love of the region his photographs allow us insights into the archaic woodlands on the Austrian borders which have always enthralled him and which he has said are a »formative landscape of the soul«. Franz Hubmann has captured the unique beauty and the peaceful attraction of Waldviertel in atmospheric images. They communicate impressions of its raw character, influenced by the forest, stones and water, the loneliness of the woods, the flowering poppy fields and the decaying architecture.

The photographs are Fine Art prints available as a limited edition of 15 signed and numbered by the photographer, in size 40 x 50 cm and with an acid-free passepartout, for € 660,- or € 770,- with a hight-quality wooden frame.

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Austrian photographer Franz Hubmann (19142007) started to work as a textile engineer and turned a hobby to his profession only after the World War II. As a 32-year-old family father, in 1946 he decided to attend a three-year course at the Graphische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt in Vienna. Together with Karl Pawek he founded the magazine magnum - die Zeitschrift für das moderne Leben in 1954. The magazine aimed at leading the general public gently into life in times of modernity. Hubmann’s picture series, for example of the legendary Viennese Café Hawelka made him famous. For over 60 years, the »human-interest photographer« captured everyday life in cities like Vienna, Paris, Hamburg or New York. He also took pictures of nationally and internationally known artists and published his work in more than 80 photo books on contemporary, historical and ethnological topics. Hubmann is seen as one of the doyens of Austrian circles of photography, as »Austrian Cartier-Bresson«. He, like no other, understood how to capture the typical Viennese way of life.


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