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For decades the photographs by painter Alfons Walde (1891–1958) were hidden in crates in the artist’s estate, and were shown for the first time only in December 2014 in Westlicht Museum. The world-famous landscape painter Walde turns out to be an equally masterful photographer – with a focus on the nude. His staged pictures range from classical poses from the tradition of art history to erotic and partly pornographic scenes. His black & white photographs from the early twenties are reminiscent of works by Egon Schiele and Koloman Moser, later on Walde played a significant role as a pioneer of colour photography. Starting from the mid-1930s he used his Leica camera with the recently invented colour film and made slides, which fascinate the viewer by their painterly appearance. Apart from his nude studies, Walde also took landscapes, portraits and architecture photographs, which frequently served as inspiration for his paintings.

Limited Editions available exclusively through OstLicht: the elaborate restoration of the early colour slides and the negatives made it possible to produce prints. 

Fine Art Prints in colour from the original slides and black & white gelatin silver prints from the original negatives are offered in a limited edition of 5 including a certificate of authenticity.  

There are two formats available:
20 x 30 cm in 30 x 40 cm frame
30 x 45 cm in 50 x 65 cm frame

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